Sunday, July 8, 2007


Here are a few pictures from last week's vacation in Destin! As usual - it was fantastic weather and people everywhere! I think we are going to go back to going down there in April/May or September/October. The crowds were just awful! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves - we had fun! Beth loved the beach and was a tad more daring this time with the water! Sarah loved the sand AND the water. Mom got some great pictures of me out in the water with Sarah, but I don't have those on my computer yet! Bob and I barely saw each other, as one of us seemed to constantly be inside with a napping child, as Sarah went down around 10a and woke around 11:30 and Beth went down around 12:30-1:00 and woke around 2-3:00 and then Sarah went down again around 2:30-3:00! It was crazy!! And as usual - we had some awesome food, but unfortunately, none of it was at restaurants! We have great neighbors down there from Lousiana and they make some mean seafood/cajun food! (and a roasted pig, this time, too!!)

I'm glad to be home and I think the girls are, too! Back to reality tomorrow!

4th of July!!

And to wrap it all up - this picture pretty well sums up how we ALL feel today!