Monday, September 15, 2008

No news is good news, right?

I haven't updated the blog lately, because really, there isn't much interesting stuff to say. I'll see if I can't recap the past week or so:
1) Beth still likes Kindergarten. Her teachers speak highly of her. Yeah!
2) Bob and I visited a local private school to consider for Beth next year. We really liked it. Its small - 250 or so kids K-12. Each class has around 15-18, but can take more and they "split the class" which is what they'll have to do with the 1st grade class next year, if everyone on "the list" actually enrolls. Its somewhat expensive, but I think its worth it to us. I just don't think I can fight the public school system, and fighting is what I'd be doing. Its just too exhausting.
3) The remnants of Hurricane Ike hit us yesterday - no rain, just lots of strong wind. We didn't have any damage, but there was a lot of damage around town. We were kinda hoping a shingle or two would fly away - we need a new roof! :-)
4) Nothing new with Sarah. Boy, would I like to get her potty-trained soon.
5) Kids Closet prep is in full swing. All the advertising is done, so I can kinda sit back and relax for a while, with the exception of dealing with the radio stations. Oh wait, I lied, I still have LOTS & LOTS of bows to make. I'm also making ponytail streamers this sale - I'll get some pictures of Beth modeling them - I told her she could be my "bow model" and she got all excited, but Lord knows I don't make the darn things for her to actually wear! She hates all things frilly in her hair (and now, I'm starting to lose Sarah, too...she is hating her bows and barretts, too, and she NEEDS them to keep her hair out of her face- she's just a mess!)
6) It should be a somewhat quiet week. We have a big downtown event Friday night and then Bob wants to go camping Saturday. Oh yeah.


Michelle said...

That is great that you are looking into a private school for Beth. We decided to homeschool Gabby this year. It's going well! We have some days that are a challenge but she's learning! I can see improvement and accomplishments. My girls love to play together and it really works for our family!