Monday, January 3, 2011


Whew! What just happened!?!?
Did December come and go already? Holy cow! The holidays really flew by this year!
We obviously stayed busy, hence no blog updates for a month! Sorry!
Here are some of the best pictures:

Before Christmas Dinner at my mom and dad's house

Our family:

My parents and brother and sister-in-law:

Bob and Sarah Katherine:

me and Sarah Katherine:

Sarah's excitement over a gift! love the expression!

Christmas Eve morning at my mom and dad's house...girls going through their stockings:

Sarah finally got her Jasmine crown!

Bob can finally stop packing in luggage with MY monogram! :-)

Barbies from Dandaddy...

In Murray on a snowy Christmas Eve - Sarah w/ Aunt Becky and Beth w/Aunt Becky:

More fun in Murray:

Traditional reading of The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve before bedtime:


For Sarah Katherine:

For Beth:


The girls checking out their stocking gifts!

There is a back story to this next picture. Sarah is holding a bag of Pistachio nuts Santa left in her stocking. She obviously isn't nearly as thrilled about them as she is the lipgloss in the picture above.... She LOVES Pistachio nuts and will eat them by the bowl full. I teased her that Santa was going to leave her a bag of them and she did NOT think that was a neat idea for some reason! Well...Santa brought them anyway!!

Beth opening the gift from Sarah Katherine- MORE Rainbow Magic Fairy books!

...and the sister hug that came after!

I think I took this right after Beth gave Bob the gift she picked out and paid for by herself at her school's Santa Shop!

Bob gave Sarah a Zhu Zhu princess Castle. That darn thing was hard to find! It didn't come out in stores till Dec. 10th or so and I couldn't find it anywhere. I lost COUNTLESS auctions on Ebay for it and finally won one...only to discover it a few days later at Walmart for 1/2 of what I paid for it on Ebay! Errr...........Oh well...her expression made all that totally worth it!!
And Beth's big gift from mom and dad was an IPOD Touch....think she likes it?
I gave Sarah a new "round chair" as her old Dora chair was literally falling apart. She was unimpressed that it wasn't a toy, but got over it pretty fast!
And the day was topped off with snowman building in the back yard!!
Back to reality now!!