Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Programs

Both girls had their Christmas programs on Wednesday! Sarah was a sheep in the 3-year-old's class Nativy program and she was a very energetic sheep! Beth's entire lower school (K-5) did a joint Christmas program! It was super cute, too! Not many good pic's of her program. I have a video I'm playing around with & trying to upload, but its taking too dang long to upload today!

Sarah Katherine's Nursery school Nativity program and carolling afterwards...

Beth's Christmas program:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crazy time of year


I'm getting TERRIBLE at posting updates- so sorry. This time of year is crazy for everyone. I feel like my to-do list never gets done. I'm really not complaining. I love this time of year. If I wasn't busy, I'd be complaining. Christmas doesn't really stress me out! I love everything that goes with it - the shopping (of which about 80% got done online!), cooking, baking, wrapping, it all!

We started a new tradition last Christmas called Elf on the Shelf. Many of you are already familar with this little guy. He is an elf from the north pole that shows up right after T'Giving. He is here to watch over the girls and report back to Santa each night. So, each morning, he shows up in a new place in the house. The only rules are that the girls can't touch him (or else they rub off his magic that he needs to fly back to the North Pole each night) and he can't talk, but he can listen. The first few days, the girls were in a frenzy to write him notes and letters to take to Santa, then they started drawing him, not so much. Although they still are curious each day of where they will find him, the "newness" has worn off...which makes my job harder! Our elf is playful this year and likes to try out the girls' toys, read their books, color in their coloring books, etc...We found him this morning checking out our fireplace, assumedly to make sure its safe for Santa next week! :-) Here are some pictures of our pesky little elf:

And here are a few other pictures of the girls that we've taken lately....
Before Church on 12/13 (Beth was sick, so she wasn't dressed for pictures):
At B'fast with Santa on 12/5: