Friday, July 30, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

The last three weeks have been calm and completely uneventful. No news is good news, right? Its HOT (not sure we've had a day undre 94 degrees since like July 8th). Heat pretty much sucks the motivation right out of everyone, so we've done nothing but hang out at home, only occasionally venturing out to the pool or farmer's market or outside after 7:30 at night, when it might finally dip under 90 degrees. Ugh!

School starts August 10. Next week is our "last" week of summer, and although I wish it was going to be a nice, calm week, it won't be, I'm sure. All school supplies have been bought, so we can check that off our list. However, we have dance registration next week, 2nd grade open house, haircuts and a few other misc. things. I'm also going to start Beth back on her alarm clock in the morning, gradually moving it a few minutes earlier each morning to prepare her for 6:30 the following week. And we have to get back into the routine of bedtimes, although the last few nights both girls were IN bed by 7:30 (albeit not asleep till much later). I think both girls are bored and getting tired of each other. The sibling rivalry has REALLY picked up in the last two weeks, with me or Bob constantly playing interference or breaking up fights or squabbles that end in hitting or kicking each other. Ahhh...sisterly love.

So, the chaos will begin soon.....hectic mornings, packing lunches, doing homework, carpooling to different activities, etc....oh well...bring it on!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, we headed back to Destin for our annual 4th of July trip to the beach! Its so fun! There are fireworks right on our beach and a big cook-out. This year, 4 of the owners did a rib cook-off, including Bob. He didn't win...but it was good effort! We had a bum judge who didn't like "smoked" she didn't like his ribs. bummer. Oh well...we had fun!!
The Rib Cook-Off:

Sarah Katherine's 4th of July cute!

Patriotic Sisters

Goofing off at the cook-off

The whole fam...

The girls with Aunt Erin before fireworks

Some fun at the beach....

Beth and I at The Ocean Club:
And some fun taking white dress pictures at sunset...
And this one is getting blown up and going on my mantel: