Monday, February 26, 2007

Sarah - Bedtime! (and new teeth!)

Just a quick picture I snapped of Sarah right before bedtime on Saturday night! It shows off her 4 teeth nicely! She's currently "working" on tooth #5! I can't believe she is 10 months old...and trying to walk!! AUGH!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rainforest Cafe

My mom and dad gave all of us a trip to Rainforest Cafe for Valentine's Day, so we went today. I talked and talked to Beth about all the "pretend" animals, yet, she was still a little freaked out by the giant Gorillas, Elephants, and Hippopotamus...and the snake. She had a great time drinking from her flashing glass and Sarah was hilarious! She just watched and watched everything. She laughed and smiled and bopped to the loud rythmic music! And believe it or not, the food was REALLY good! I'd actually go back again just for the food! (but then again, I wasn't paying this time, either!) Overall, it was a fun time!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Can I get some cooperation PLEASE???

I just wanted to get ONE good picture of the girls for Valentine's Day - JUST ONE!! No one would cooperate! (and these pictures are the GOOD ones!) UGH!! Sarah just will NOT sit still and Beth wants to cheese it up! Although the 2nd one is kinda cute.....

Maybe I'll get a good picture of them together SOME DAY!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sarah vs. Beth at 9 months old

I was looking through all the photos of Beth from when she was 9 months old and thought I'd try to get Sarah in the same pose as some of Beth's 9 month shots to compare side by side. Sarah is the first picture and Beth is the second in each side-by-side, just in case you needed to know!

Beth's cheeks were chubbier - her face is wider. Sarah's face is skinier and longer. Beth had a mouthful of teeth, Sarah only has 3! Beth weighed almost 20 lbs. Sarah weighs 17lbs! They have the same nose & chin, but it looks like Beth's eye's are a little more "round". Sarah scrunches up her nose and eyes everytime she smiles, so its kind of hard to compare the eyes. Sarah has STRAIGHT as a board blond hair and Beth has light brown wavy hair (but NOW its straight, too!) Overall - they are very different little girls. I can tell they are sisters, but they do not look like each other, that's for sure. Its so much fun watching them both grow and change. I look forward to seeing how they each "turn out" some day! Both will be beautiful, of course!!

And here's one more - they are not the same age - Sarah is barely 8 months old and Beth was 9 months old, but it shows you the differences very well, too!

Monday, February 5, 2007


Just a few new pictures of our oh-so-fun lunch time with Sarah. She is really trying LOTS of new things and is starting to form opinions on certain foods, their textures, temperatures, etc...So far, COLD peas or greenbeans have NOT been accepted very well! She LOVES Cheerios, fruit/vegie puffs, little bits of apples or pears and sometimes, carrots. She also loves real bananas. Lately she has started grabbing for the spoon, so I give her her own spoon to occupy the need to grab the one I'm feeding her with. Also, she loves her sippy cup, and honestly, its pretty cool. Its a straw cup, but its short, so she can use it. But, she's getting pretty good at the "other" kind of sippy cup, too. She is really starting to wean herself off the bottle, except for right before nap, bedtime or the middle of the night (STILL!). Hopefully, transitioning her completely will be pretty easy. Here are those pictures I promised:


The Colts actually WON SuperBowl XVI!!! SOOOO EXCITING!!!! WOO HOO!!!

I got an email from a friend in Indy this morning and she said they cancelled school today! That's HUGE- they NEVER cancel school in Indy - even for snow! I bet the city will have a HUGE rally or parade when the boys get back from Miami. So fun! Its days like today that I miss Indianapolis - there's not really anyone here to celebrate with. But either way - I'm so pumped!! Bob says we need Superbowl Champion T' I'm off to the web to find some!
Soooo excited......

Friday, February 2, 2007

BIG DEALS this week!

I've been Bargain Shopping this week and found some pretty good deals! Bob will FINALLY be getting his iPod...that I found for $29!!

Here's the link if you are so inclined to get the same deal:

I also got Beth the CUTEST pair of pink Disney Crocs for $20 (regularly $32) plus free shipping!

I used code WWMAG to get $10 off, but I'm not sure that is still active. I bought them on and I searched " promo codes" on google and came up with TON of them! I used the $10 code and then registered on the site to get another 10% off that! And as I mentioned- free shipping and I ordered on Tuesday and got them on Thursday! WOW!

AND, I found this great deal...with ANY purchase at, you got this bag FREE:

So, I bought a $4.00 pink bathmat for Beth to use as a "restmat" at Nursery School and got the $39.99 bag FREE! I automatically added it my cart at checkout! WOO HOO! The bag and bathmat arrived Wednesday and both are kinda cute. The bag doesn't look like it costs $39.99, not would I have EVERY paid that much for it, but its very functional

And, to top that, I'm selling a freebie I got, but never used, from one of survey/marketing companies I "work" for - a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush. I thought the thing was worth like $20 or so, so I listed it on Ebay for a starting bid of $8.99 and its already bid up to $55!! HOLY MOLY!! I'll turn around and use that money to get Beth some spring clothes/shoes off of Ebay...its like FREE MONEY! Love it!

And if you are interested, my two favorite survery & marketing companies are:

With BzzAgent, I've tested things like Hershey candy, cleaning products, Arby's, and the Phillips Sonicare (which freaked me out -I have a weird phobia to electronic toothbrushes - reminds me too much of the dentist). You earn points to redeem on prizes.

With NFO, I've done LOTS of things...usually its online surverys or even mail or telephone surveys, but occasionally, its the actually product to test. Everynow and then, they send me products to use and give my feedback. I've done paper towels, Huggies Pull-Ups, All laundry detergent, cleaning products and the current one is Pantene shampoo and conditioner. They send you a FULL-SIZED product to use for its duration and then fill out a survery when its over. So far, I've earned over $150 in cash and prizes, in addition to the free products I get to use and give my feedback on. LOVE THEM!!!!
And by the way - GO COLTS!