Monday, February 5, 2007


Just a few new pictures of our oh-so-fun lunch time with Sarah. She is really trying LOTS of new things and is starting to form opinions on certain foods, their textures, temperatures, etc...So far, COLD peas or greenbeans have NOT been accepted very well! She LOVES Cheerios, fruit/vegie puffs, little bits of apples or pears and sometimes, carrots. She also loves real bananas. Lately she has started grabbing for the spoon, so I give her her own spoon to occupy the need to grab the one I'm feeding her with. Also, she loves her sippy cup, and honestly, its pretty cool. Its a straw cup, but its short, so she can use it. But, she's getting pretty good at the "other" kind of sippy cup, too. She is really starting to wean herself off the bottle, except for right before nap, bedtime or the middle of the night (STILL!). Hopefully, transitioning her completely will be pretty easy. Here are those pictures I promised:


Leia said...

She looks so happy! What a cutie!

Melissa said...

How cute!

Trey is totally into table food now, too. He eats a lot of what we eat. Surprisingly enough, he has loved veggies so far. He ate and ate green beans last night but I don't know if he loved them so much for the taste or because he is doing it himself!

Sarah's hair has gotten so long!