Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sarah vs. Beth at 9 months old

I was looking through all the photos of Beth from when she was 9 months old and thought I'd try to get Sarah in the same pose as some of Beth's 9 month shots to compare side by side. Sarah is the first picture and Beth is the second in each side-by-side, just in case you needed to know!

Beth's cheeks were chubbier - her face is wider. Sarah's face is skinier and longer. Beth had a mouthful of teeth, Sarah only has 3! Beth weighed almost 20 lbs. Sarah weighs 17lbs! They have the same nose & chin, but it looks like Beth's eye's are a little more "round". Sarah scrunches up her nose and eyes everytime she smiles, so its kind of hard to compare the eyes. Sarah has STRAIGHT as a board blond hair and Beth has light brown wavy hair (but NOW its straight, too!) Overall - they are very different little girls. I can tell they are sisters, but they do not look like each other, that's for sure. Its so much fun watching them both grow and change. I look forward to seeing how they each "turn out" some day! Both will be beautiful, of course!!

And here's one more - they are not the same age - Sarah is barely 8 months old and Beth was 9 months old, but it shows you the differences very well, too!


Melissa said...

Wow-you're right. They do look so different but yet have a lot of similarities! You'll definitely be able to tell they're sisters but will each have their own look.

So which of you was a blondie as a child??