Friday, February 2, 2007

BIG DEALS this week!

I've been Bargain Shopping this week and found some pretty good deals! Bob will FINALLY be getting his iPod...that I found for $29!!

Here's the link if you are so inclined to get the same deal:

I also got Beth the CUTEST pair of pink Disney Crocs for $20 (regularly $32) plus free shipping!

I used code WWMAG to get $10 off, but I'm not sure that is still active. I bought them on and I searched " promo codes" on google and came up with TON of them! I used the $10 code and then registered on the site to get another 10% off that! And as I mentioned- free shipping and I ordered on Tuesday and got them on Thursday! WOW!

AND, I found this great deal...with ANY purchase at, you got this bag FREE:

So, I bought a $4.00 pink bathmat for Beth to use as a "restmat" at Nursery School and got the $39.99 bag FREE! I automatically added it my cart at checkout! WOO HOO! The bag and bathmat arrived Wednesday and both are kinda cute. The bag doesn't look like it costs $39.99, not would I have EVERY paid that much for it, but its very functional

And, to top that, I'm selling a freebie I got, but never used, from one of survey/marketing companies I "work" for - a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush. I thought the thing was worth like $20 or so, so I listed it on Ebay for a starting bid of $8.99 and its already bid up to $55!! HOLY MOLY!! I'll turn around and use that money to get Beth some spring clothes/shoes off of Ebay...its like FREE MONEY! Love it!

And if you are interested, my two favorite survery & marketing companies are:

With BzzAgent, I've tested things like Hershey candy, cleaning products, Arby's, and the Phillips Sonicare (which freaked me out -I have a weird phobia to electronic toothbrushes - reminds me too much of the dentist). You earn points to redeem on prizes.

With NFO, I've done LOTS of things...usually its online surverys or even mail or telephone surveys, but occasionally, its the actually product to test. Everynow and then, they send me products to use and give my feedback. I've done paper towels, Huggies Pull-Ups, All laundry detergent, cleaning products and the current one is Pantene shampoo and conditioner. They send you a FULL-SIZED product to use for its duration and then fill out a survery when its over. So far, I've earned over $150 in cash and prizes, in addition to the free products I get to use and give my feedback on. LOVE THEM!!!!
And by the way - GO COLTS!


Leia said...

Thanks for the survey links Katie! I used to participate in NFO, but quit when I got pregnant with Dee. I had forgotten about that. I signed up for both!