Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 5- Last Day and Cinderella Dinner

Last full day at Disney - time to do everything again that we wanted to! (Pirates of the Carribean pictured here) a few new characters! Beth FINALLY got to meet the fairies (longest wait of anything we did at Disney - 95 minutes!!) Pictured are Rosetta (in pink), Tinkerbell and Vidia (the "fast flying" fairy...and also the "mean" one!)

And we caught a little bit of the afternoon parade and saw characters we hadn't seen all week, so that was fun, too! That is Sarah on Bob's shoulders in some of these pictures:

The newest Disney Princess- Tiana and Prince Navene from The Princess & The Frog:

I think Sarah Katherine was a little tired on the boat ride back!

Then it was time for a little pool and waterslide before getting dressed and heading over to the Grand Floridian for the Cinderella dinner at 1900 Park Fare.

And Sarah FINALLY got to wear her princess dress!

Beth and I topped the night off with a quick trip back to the park to ride Big Thunder Mountian, Pirates and Jungle Cruise in the dark! Bob and SK played on the beach at Wilderness Lodge and the playground.


After a long commute via Orlando City bus to Seaworld...and then a long walk across their HUGE parking lot, we finally made it to the front gates...only to have to stand in line for 20+ minutes just to get through the turnstiles...something that takes 90 seconds at Disney. It was frustrating. By that time, we were hungry and grumpy and didn't know where to start. We ended up checking out the Dolphin Nursery first...

...then headed to lunch. After lunch,we did the penguins...


....then the manatees.....

...then the dolphin show....

....feeding dolphins....

....shark exhibit and then the Shamu Show...and I'm pretty sure Shamu was not there. We got to see the 4-day old baby Orka Whale though!

Then, the kids played in the kids zone, then the "artic" animals- whales, polar bear (sleeping) and walruses.

And off to Downtown Disney we headed! We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express (counter service and it did count on the Disney Dining Plan). It was SUPER YUMMY!! I highly recommend it. After a quick trip to the giant Disney store and the Lego store (for Beth to get her picture made in front of the "Paris" lego can tell how thrilled Sarah Katherine is to be in that picture, can't you!?), and one stop for Sarah to get her picture made with Buzz...we headed home to hit the hay!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3 - EPCOT!

Day three we started with a swim (with the ducks in the pool and which I have NO pictures) and that was fun...then it was off to Epoct to meet the Princesses for lunch! We just BARELY made it there on time...we were sprinting through the first half of Epcot to get to Arkerhaus Restaurant in Norway! Whew!! This was not the BEST meal we had...and a little weird, but it was good.

After lunch, we did a few favorites- The Seas with Nemo, TestTrack, Spaceship Earth..and then we headed to the countries. We started with a beer for Bob and continued on through France, to America, to Germany and passed lots others. The girls were tired, I was hungry...and it was SOOOO VERY CROWDED!! Epcot had the Food & Wine Festival going on AND it was Extra-magic night hours which added to the crowd.


Sarah on Test Track:

Meeting Chip & Dale:

France/Beauty & The Beast Topiaries (LOVE THEM!!) Beth FINALLY got to visit France! We watched the 20 minute France video and she bought a miniature Eiffel Tower and a France Flag Micky head pin for her lanyard! Not sure where her obsession with Paris and France comes from...maybe Fancy Nancy? :-)

And the end of the night...after the newness of the glow-in-the-dark items had worn off...and the meltdowns had started...

...Sarah Katherine FINALLY got to meet Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy!! She was sooo excited to meet them and kept telling me how soft Donald Duck was! :-) Beth thought she was too big for her britches to meet Mickey and crew this time! Geez! Hence....why she is absent from these pictures.