Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah Bear!

My Sarah Bear is 4 years old today!!!

4 years of birthdays:
4-20-06 just born:

4-20-07 1st Birthday

4-20-08 2nd Birthday

4-20-09 3rd Birthday

2010 - 4th Birthday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life Update, Easter, Keeneland....

OH MY! I didn't realize it been almost 3 weeks since an update! That goes to show you 2 things:

1) LIFE IS HECTIC right now, and
2) I rely more and more on Facebook to spread news about Family stuff, pictures, etc....sorry blog readers!
Since my last update, we've had lots of soccer practices, games, cheer practices, games, ballet recital practice, choir rehearsal, spring break, a week of Bob being out of town and more! Last night was the first time in 11 days that our family sat down to eat together! Oops! Bob was in Arkansas April 5-12 (he left the day after Easter) and its hard to pin the girls down to dinner at the table when he is out of town and also during that time, plus this week, it never fails that someone's practice/game falls at dinner time! I feel like I've been eating on the go for weeks now! Its frustrating and not helping my waistline! :-) We also did a quick run to Lexington last week - to Keeneland - and just to get out the house for a a few days.

Below are Easter pictures and Keeneland pictures! Enjoy! And I promise I'll try not to go 3 weeks before updating again. If we aren't friends on Facebook - find me - Katie Thomas Peebles!

Easter April 4, 2010:

Keeneland onApril 14, 2010

A horse of a different kind - that night at PF Changs for dinner:
This picture of Sarah was taken after dinner, when I finally just scooped her up and took her outside, after she knocked half the contents of the table onto the floor and broke all the sauce times!