Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beth is EIGHT!!

I cannot believe I have an 8 year old! ACK! Has it really been 8 years!

Beth is growing up...big time. Just recently I've started noticing an "attitude" change...friendlier, more patient with her little sister, and more helpful. Its nice. She is having her first slumber party for her birthday...this weekend. Lord help us! :-)

Good grief- how is it that we've already gone from this...

to this...

Happy 8th Birthday Beth!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm so, so sorry!

I haven't blogged since January! ACK! I'm so sorry...if anybody cares...if anybody reads this blog anymore. Facebook has really taken over now, as my source of providing info to others. Again, I apologize...

But honestly, there hasn't been much to update everyone one. I'm not sure I've even taken more than 10 pictures since Christmas.
We've had a crazy 3 weeks. Kids Closet week (my LAST Kids Closet) was Feb. 27-March 6 and it was an insane week, aside from KC. I didn't post my usual pictures of my awesome "finds" due to the craziness that ensued that week, but I did pretty darn good!!

On Tuesday night, March 1, we discovered a water leak in our cold water line under our house and had to shut off the water until a plumber could get to us...

Our beloved 11 year old Bailey girl (our yellow lab) got very sick on Wednesday morning, March 2nd, and we had to put her down. Ugh.......

The "sickness" ruined our flooring in the house, so we were having to deal with carpet/flooring quotes on Friday, March 4th and making a snap decision on those quotes. It was NOT a planned remodel....but regardless, it was going to to have to happen ASAP.

The hardwood started going in last Friday. They SHOULD be done with the wood (and carpet in the bedrooms) by this Thursday/Friday. The girls bathroom is also getting retiled, because the current flooring in there is 1/2 nasty old carpet and 1/2 nasty old green tile. We are vacating the house for the week so the flooring guys can work as late as they want to at night. We've had to clean out all closets' floors and under all the beds...we've had to move all small objects out of their normal resting places...I had to unload the china cabinet...I had to paint 253 feet of shoe molding. Fun times....

On top of THAT, we were in the middle of a PLANNED exterior remodel and Bob sanded and repainted our front door and he hung new shutters this weekend. I will paint the ugly ironwork to match the door/shutters next weekend. We were originally going to replace the ironwork with colums, but alas, a rather large unplanned for reflooring project arose, and our budget went down the drain! So, a repainting they will get... I will post before/after pictures when everything is done.

The girls and I were able to escape for a bit yesterday to the Adventure Science Museum (Bob dared not leave home as UK played UF for the SEC championship at noon!). It was then girls' combined birthday present from my parents. Then we dropped off Grammy at the airport to meet my dad in Destin for the week...hence while we'll be at their house this week! It was a fun day and I think the girls enjoyed it!

3 weeks till spring break...we need a vacation pretty badly!