Monday, April 2, 2007


Sarah is walking....really walking. She is everywhere....all the time! The only thing that is still a challenge is what to do after she falls down, as she hasn't mastered the art of getting back up, without crawling over to the nearest chair, table, dog, whatever, and pulling herself back up again. And she's having a hard time in grass, too, but deals with being outside just fine by sticking to the patio, sidewalks and driveway (which resulted in a skinned cheek, nose and lip this weekend). She really is funny - she's so tiny, yet walking all over the place. We had to go to a birthday party yesterday at the famous RollerDome (okay, not REALLY famous, but rather "infamous" around here). There was NO ONE there on the skating floor, so Sarah took off and she was totally taken with the disco balls and the lights! But, boy oh boy, she was UNSTOPABLE on that nice flat floor! She would stop and clap and "yeah" for herself...she is so proud! Its soo cute!

But with walking, comes a whole new babyproofing world. She can reach higher and is opening drawers and cabinets like crazy! (note to self- MUST install baby latches on kitchen cabinets ASAP!) She loves the tupperware cabinet, and I usually let her go to town. She USUALLY only drags out a few containers and then moves on, but it is fun to watch her amuse herself with the simplist things. I remember doing that with Beth, too. She, too, thought she was big stuff!

So begins the next phase of our life....a baby becomes a toddler (although, truly, she is still VERY much "baby" except for the walking thing!)....and mommy and daddy becomes much more mobile!

To quote Aba, but yet, not really:

You are the "walking" queen, young and sweet, only "11 months"
"Walking" queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can "walk", you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the "walking" queen