Friday, November 16, 2007

Got Books?

If you have children in school or a daycare center, then you are probably more than familiar with Scholastic Books. You probably even remember them from when you were a kid - I do. They are an excellent source of CHEAP books (mainly because they are paperback), but still - I love them. I bought so many "Christmas" books last December that we read a different one for a week leading up to Christmas! ANYWAY - the point of this post is to let you know that they are having their Warehouse Sale SOON! I know the one close to where I live is the week before Chirstmas -PERFECT TIMING! I went through the link below, chose my state and neighboring state and found the one closest to me, registered as a "Parent" and recieved a $10 off $50 purchase and "fast-cart pass" which evidently will let me bypass whatever long line there might be to get in. I'm excited. I think books are one of the BEST gifts for kids. Check it out!

(Teresa - if you want to go with me - let me know. I'm thinking of going one of the evenings - see Tennessee for closest location to us)