Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation Photos (days 4,5 & 6)

These are my attempts at taking beach portraits - the lighting wasn't optimal, but it was our last night. I got a good one or two of Beth, but Sarah just wouldn't be still long enough to capture anything spectacular. Beth kept asking why we were taking so many of Sarah and not her. I felt bad, but tried to explain that Sarah didn't know how to be still so we had to take 3x's as many of Sarah just to get ONE good picture. Oh well. I think we decided that NEXT summer, when Sarah is three years old, we might attempt professional pictures again. (are you up to the challenge, Melissa?)

I like this one of Sarah, with the exception of the Pamper's Cruiser diaper under her dress! Oh well....that is what Photoshop is for, right? Now...if only I knew how to use it!

Check out Sarah cutting her eyes at me!

Notice that the girls are almost identically posed here. Sarah wants to do absolutely EVERYTHING Beth does and she is mimicking her in this picture. Monkey see, monkey do! I love it!

That is the full moon in the upper right corner.

Sarah running away from the waves.

My FAVORITE picture of Sarah that I've taken in a long time! We had just come in from the beach and I had stripped her down to the diaper. We were playing "monsters" and she was running around squealing and giggling!

Beth getting braver....

...and braver....

...and brave enough to finally go out by herself and ride the little waves!

And of course, Sarah wanted to try, too. But she was so light weight and the current was so fast, this was the only picture I got because she was zooming away from us too fast!

Beth playing catch with Uncle Bryan on the beach.

And Beth burying herself...

Remember what I said about "monkey see, monkey do?"

A little sister fun and giggling on the raft!

Sarah posing.... Notice how CLEAR the gulf water is!! AWESOME!

I swear, it was like swimming in a pool! The water was so clear and warm and perfect for Sarah to "swim" in. She crawled around on her hands and let her legs float up and had a BALL! She has good timing, too! She would watch for waves and whenever she saw one coming, she would stand up, let it pass, and then she'd plop right back down and "swim!"

The majority of the pictures above were taken the day the Gulf created this nice little tidal pool - quite a bit bigger than the one it created the previous Sunday. That is where Sarah did all her "swimming" and Beth rode her raft on the little waves! It also made a great sandbar! (my mom is going to be so annoyed that I posted this picture - sorry!!)


Leia said...

You got some awesome photos!!! Love the white dresses on the beach - so classic!