Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nothing of interest

Nothing much to report. Bob is in North Carolina for his business trip to Cherry Pointe Marine Base. We have no idea when he'll be home - 4 days or 14. Its a "wait and see" project!

The girls are being good. So far. But, then again, I've kept them busy! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL, so I've had them outside a lot. We also went to see the new Ice Age movie- cute - just like the last two.

Beth is off to a birthday party all day and will be back around 8-8:30. Sarah is spending the night with my parents, so I'll get a LITTLE bit of quiet time this evening...except I'll be dealing with carpet cleaners at the house between 4-6p. Ugh. Bailey (the dog) is on a medication that is messing with her tummy....and that mess ended up on my living room floor last night. So, after surveying the damage and realizing it was one mess too many for me to clean, I just called Stanley Steamer. Bailey will be sleeping outside tonight..and tomorrow night....and maybe longer. It was gross, that is all I'll say. Yeah- I know -TMI.

Beth starts 1st grade in THREE weeks. Where did the summer go??? She is a little scared and nervous. New teacher. I think she'll have a great year, though. She perked up a little after our school supply shopping trip when she picked out a Fancy Nancy backpack. I was SOO hoping we could bypass all character stuff this year, and with the exception of the backpack, we did! And she couldn't have been more thrilled then when she found the dolphin spiral notebook! She is pretty excited about that notebook!!

Sarah starts 3-year old Nursery School September 2. She also moves "upstairs" at daycare to the big kid room, which is ages 3-6 all in one room. I've never been thrilled with that situation, but Beth seemed to do okay. I have no way to anticipate how I think Sarah will do up there. I'll have to wait and see. I'm a tad nervous about it. I just haven't been impressed with our daycare lately, which is a big reason why the girls are at home this summer, except for 2 mornings a week. I guess I'm jumping to conclusions and I just need to wait and see how Sarah does in the big kid class..... I liked it better when she was in the baby nursery!

So, we're just here...hanging out...doing nothing! :-)