Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life continues...

There hasn't been anything of much importance to write about lately. I went on a mommies only girl trip to Destin with 5 of my mom friends. We had a great time shopping, gabbing, eating, playing games, drinking wine, etc. It was some much needed R&R time. All our husbands survived just fine with our kids back here in KY. There were no SOS calls or any emergencies and it was nice to return to those wonderful big bear hugs from our kids and hubbies. I think all mommies need to escape for a few days every now and then. Its good for our mental health! I took two pictures the whole time I was there and neither were of people, so I don't really have much to share other than this pretty beach picture:

The gulf was REALLY churned up with we were there, so no pretty days like we had while I was there in December. Oh well.....

This one is from one the other girl's cameras - we were at Baytowne Wharf Village in Sandestin. I've taken my girls' picture and our family picture in this same giant beach chair before. Such a cute photo op!

We are expecting snow tonight/tomorrow - they say anywhere from 4-12 inches, which is a HUGE range. I guess we'll know tomorrow! I suppose we'll probably go sledding and make snow angels and all that jazz....I'll try to grab some cute pictures!