Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kids Closet time again!

Sorry about the lack of posting much of anything in February! We've been busy....or sick!

Its Kids Closet week! While it IS a super busy week, its also fun. I got to do my shopping last night. The committee gets to shop very early, since we end up working the other shopping nights. Its also a way to say thank you to the committee members for putting in 25+ hours...sometimes 50+ hours this week alone!

I went through both girls closets last week...and the ample supply of spring/summer clothing I already have in storage for Sarah. Beth, as usual, needed the most clothing....and as usual, it was slim pickins' in her size. And even for Sarah, I didn't go nuts, either. So, here is the breakdown:

For Beth, I spent $60. For that $60, she got: 3 dresses (1 Garnett Hill NEW never worn dress!, 1 Limited Too dress and 1 FlapHappy dress), 2 pair of Old Navy capries (1 pair still new w/ tags), 1 3pc purple PJ set (not pictured b/c she wore it to bed!), 4 bathing suits (all 4 totalled $15), 1 pair Old Navy pink shorts, and 4 Tshirts (2 Circo, 1 ON, and 1 Gymboree).

Garnett Hill dress (new- never worn!)

For Sarah, I spent $70.50. For that, she got: 1 pair Keds maryjanes, 1 pair pink flipflops,1 hand-made woven pink/white headband, 3 bathing suits (all 3 totalling $8.50 - 1 Circo, 1 Gymboree and 1 LeTop), 1 Carters nightgown, 1 Disney PJ set, 3 "play" dresses (one Kid Crew green gingham, 1 floral Carters, 1 J.Khaki flipflop dress), 1 Jumping Beans capri 2pc outfit, 1 Children's Place 2pc shirt/skit butterfly outfit, 1 Mis-Tee-V-Us pink/white dog 2c outfit, 1 brand new 3pc Kids Headquarters white top/plaid shorts/headband, 1 Healthtex pink/green ladybug capri outfit, Old Navy blue jean shorts, 3 pairs of Gymboree bike shorts in varying shades of pink (all 3 for $2! - will be great to wear under dresses!), and one Gymboree Strawberry fields blue/white top.

I'm sure that won't be ALL, as I always pick up a few more things one Saturday hits and things go 1/2 price. Also, Sarah picked out a SwanLake Barbie and pegasus for her toy ($3!!) and Beth saved up her money and bought a Hannah Montana tour bus w/ 3 dolls, a Hannah Montana stage w/ 1 doll and 1 additional Barbie - all for $17. She was PUMPED!!


Leia said...

Great deals! And I think it's cool that you let Beth spend some of her money too - what a great lesson in thriftiness!