Monday, May 3, 2010


Yeah...water....lots of it!
I can't begin to tell you all how lucky I feel this morning. UNBELIEVABLY lucky. Some of you may remember that in the aftermaths of Katrina on August 29, 2005, our house flooded. While it wasn't terrible and only portions of house got water, it was still enough to send our lives into a tailspin for a little bit. The feeling I get in the pit of my stomach anytime a lot of rain is predicted is a feeling I wouldn't want my worst enemy to feel. I had that feeling ALL WEEKEND. We just watched and waited for the 10+ inches to hit us....We got lucky. We got 6 1/2 inches. It wasn't enough to flood anyone out of their home in our area. Nashville and middle-Tenessee- about 75 miles to our southeast - weren't so lucky. They got 18 (EIGHTEEN!!!) inches of rain in two days. That is 25% of their YEARLY TWO DAYS!! I'm hoping that those of you who aren't "local" are seeing images on your news of this flooding. Its unprecedented. Its never happened like this before, and probably never will again in most people's lifetime. The Opryland Hotel and OpryMills mall is flooded! Parts of historic downtown Nashville are flooded.The rivers are STILL rising, some won't even crest till late today. Its crazy! Several major interstates (I-24 and I-65) flooded BADLY on Saturday, with people having to evacuate and abandon their vehicles. Craziness, I tell you...insanity!! Here is a crazy video from the I-24 flooding:

Other videos/photos/stories:

And the oil spill in the Gulf is making me nuts too!! Our precious Destin beach is in jeopardy. Not cool....not cool at all!!! It makes me sick to my stomach.


Leia said...

That is SO scary Katie! Oil spills, massive flooding....Spring isn't supposed to be so scary! :( I hope you stay dry!

Anonymous said...
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W.C.Camp said...

I am very proud of the way the people of Tennesee, Kentucky etc. have handled these difficult times. I am so sad Opryland is flooded. Keep your chin up.