Monday, April 14, 2008

God & Taxes

Isn't it said that the only 2 constant things in life are God and Taxes. I guess for some people that is true, but I disagree that the statement applies to everyone. It doesn't.

These two subjects are on my mind for several reasons - one being that tomorrow is the dreaded tax day and I still haven't done our Indiana taxes. Yes, INDIANA taxes. Since Bob had his consulting business up and running in Indianapolis in 2007, we have to pay taxes on that income. Yeah. I always put it off to the last minute. KY and Federal have been done since ealy March, though, so at least that has been off my plate for a while.

God/Church has always just been so routine for us. Its just "what we do" on Sunday. Beth still fights us about going, and I'm sure its because she's in that building 5 other days a week. But yesterday, she was ALL ABOUT going to Sunday school. Yeah! And Bob and I have finally found a Sunday school we like, too. Its the Books of the Bible, taught by our associate minister, who is much younger than we are! He does a good job and I've learned quite a LOT and had some interesting discussions. Outreach and Fellowship are really what the Methodists "preach." I "try" to do my fair share of outreach, but its hard for me. Fellowship is much more my style and the reason I started our Mom's Group. We're going on two years now and that makes me proud! This Saturday, we have our annual Great Day of Service (GDS), where all Church members are encouraged to sign up for one of MANY community service projects such as landcaping a local park, painting the inside of a local shelter, etc. We start the day with a service and communion and then we all go out and "do!" Everyone has the same color shirt on and its cool to drive around town and see all our Church members working so hard. This will be my second year as official GDS photographer, so I will attempt to drive to approximately 20-25 locations in about 2-3 hours to take group shots at each location, mainly to be used in promotional material for next year. Its my "thing." The coordinators of the event are always too busy to think about photography and its something that is needed. Beth & Sarah will stay at the Church to do their projects - Sarah's group (2 and under) will stay and just hang out, while Beth's group will work on things like cleaning the toys and planting flowers. She enjoyed it last year and I hope she does again this year. I think it helps get the kids used to "helping out at the Church" at a young age and its a cool idea!

The second reason "God/Church" is on my mind is because of last night's episode of Desperate Housewives. There was a storyline about how Lynnette, who has been affected by brain cancer and a horrible tornado, was searching for answers about God and asked her friend, Bree, if she could go to Church with her, since Bree was the only "religious" friend she had. After the sermon at the Church, Lynnette still had many unanswered questions so she raised her hand and asked the minister right there in the middle of the service. Bree about died from embarrassment, but it played out like Lynnette genuinely had some unanswered questions about God and Faith. The minister encouraged her to attend Bible study later that week. Lynnette happily accepted the offer, however, later that day, Bree approached her and during the converstaion, made the comment that Church wasn't the place for questions. HUH???? That if you just sit and listen to the sermon and the preacher each week, that eventually all your questions will be answered. HUH??? It all played out in the end and Bree eventually "came around" and talked to Lynnette about her faith, but gave no concrete answer as to WHY her "Faith" got her through her own tough times.

Okay - so why the rambing about a darn TV show? Well, Bree's answer to Lynnette really bothered me - Church ins't a place for questions? WHAT?!?! What kind of writer wrote that?? I'm not sure what they were trying to prove...maybe that the majority of people who go to Church are only there to be seen? That they aren't really there to learn anything or practice their faith? That its just habit and a social thing?? Because that is what I took from it. I DO think that a lot of people go to Church each Sunday because "its just what we do on Sundays." I agree to an extent, and I wish for myself that it will become more. I do believe as I get older that I'm wanting to have more theologocial dissussions and learn more. I do love my Church and do enjoy doing things for it. I enjoy the programs it offers and I enjoy inviting people to try it out!

I'm not entirely sure what my point is, other than the fact that the show last night just bugged me. Is that really how the average person sees Church-goers? Just going to be seen and to climb the social ladder? Hum....... (its definitely true at our Church around the election, though, and that irks me to no end...and around nursery school sign-up time, too!)

Okay - I'll get off my soapbox now - have a great week everyone!!