Monday, April 7, 2008

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

Sarah came home with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease last Wednesday. It started with a fever and never really progressed from there, although the daycare girl swore she saw blister in her mouth. Everytime I tried to look, she bit my finger! Its called Hand, Foot & Mouth because they can develop small blisters on the inside of their cheeks/throat and a rash on their hands and feet, that is supposively NOT painful or itchy. The doctor told me it was a virus and there wasn't anything he could do for her -just keep giving her Motrin/Tylenol for the fever and any pain she may have. Oh - and she had a sinus/ear infection, so he DID give her an Antibiotic for that. He said that it IS contagious and the incubation period is 3-6 days, so to keep an eye on Beth. He failed to mention to keep on eye on ourselves!!

Sunday, BOTH Bob and Beth came down with fevers - consistent, steady fevers. Motril and Tylenol would break them briefly, but the fever came up again. Bob complained of a sore throat (early symptom of HF&M). Beth has not said anything about her throat. Day 2 is today and fevers persist. I have NO fever, but I DO have a sore throat. HF&M or allergies- hard to say!

That's the health saga at our house. I'm SO hoping the fever doesn't get me - I don't have time for a fever!!!