Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten (and how much she's grown!)

Today is Beth's last day of Kindergarten and in keeping with tradition, we did our "last day of school" pictures this morning! I LOVE to be able to go back and compare the 1st day vs. the last day of school to see how much she has grown/matured in those 9 months or so. I REALLY see a change in her face this year - maturity maybe - or just the four missing teeth! :-)

TODAY - Last Day of School 5-21-09

First Day of School 9-2-08
Graduation is tonight and then we are leaving directly from there to head to Destin. I'll try to post pictures sometime this weekend if I take my laptop, otherwise it will be late next week! Toodles!!


Leia said...

Did her hair really darken that much, or is it the camera/lighting??? Wow - I really see a change too. She really grew into that face - like it fits her better now or something! LOVE those missing teeth! :)

Katie and Bob said...

Yeah, it did darken up that much during the winter. The summer sun does wonders for her hair!