Monday, May 4, 2009

Runnin' to my Goal

EDITED ON TUESDAY AFTER WW WEIGH-IN TO ADD: I HIT MY GOAL!!!!! Now I'm officially on Maintenance for 6 weeks!!

I've been going to the gym (YMCA) since early March - about 3 times a week for an hour each time. I concentrate on stretching and some toning, then cardio for 30 minutes, then more weight-training and toning. Is it helping? Yes! I have lots more energy. I have all but reached my WW goal, and I RAN A MILE around our neighborhood the other night with NO PROBLEMS!

I had 15 minutes to kill on Thursday night and I knew I was in for a weekend out of town, which USUALLY means no exercising and not-great eating. I told Bob I was going to take a quick walk around the block. At the end of our road, I decided to pick up the pace to a jog and I ended up jogging all the way around our "big" loop and back to our house in about 15-20 minutes. I drove it yesterday - 1.1 miles! I had NO IDEA!! I thought it was MAYBE 1/2 mile as I was running it! I felt great and very proud of myself! Knowing I can do that gives me yet another option of exercise that I can at home in our own neighborhood when the weather is awesome.

I weigh-in tomorrow at Weight Watchers. Not sure if I've hit my goal, but if I haven't, its VERY CLOSE. I've been "fighting" the same 2 lbs since March 30, so I'm hoping it will be GONE this week...but after a weekend out of town, I'm not sure it will be. I tracked points the entire weekend, and I DID NOT use all my "extra" points, so I'm hoping all will be okay. I plan to either hit the gym or my road this evening for one last fat-burn before weigh-in! I REALLY hope I'm CLOSE to my goal of 134.2. That would make it an even 20 lbs I've lost since Jan. 6th. When I do hit goal, I'll go on a 6-week "maintenance" plan to help me learn what I can eat and not lose/gain any weight - to always stay within 2 lbs (either way) of my goal weight. Once I maintain consistently for 6 weeks, I become LIFETIME (and don't have to pay anymore!). I'd REALLY like to be Lifetime by the time we go to Destin the first week of July...which means I need to hit my goal no later than May 12.

I'll update tomorrow after weigh-in!


Leia said...

That's fantastic Katie! :) Way to go! I can't wait to hear your weight!

Lanny said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so awesome!