Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kids Closet Time!

Its Kids Closet week, which means bargains!!! I traditionally post pictures of my finds for the girls, so here we go!

For Beth, I spent a total of $59. As she gets older and into larger sizes (a 7/8 now!! 8's on the bottoms! ACK!!), the choices get slimmer and slimmer. I'm very particular about her clothing. I don't think at age 6 1/2 she needs to look like a teenager, which is what the MAJORITY of the clothing in sizes 7+ are these days. So, as you can imagine, the majority of her clothes still come from Gymboree, Osh Kosh, Hartstrings, etc.

So, she got a new halloween shirt and some candy corn pants to go with a candy corn shirt she already has; Two new dresses- both Kelly's Kids. One has a horse on it (and she's really into horses right now) and the other is pink with black polka dots. I need to pick up some black leggings for that dress, though; a black shirt with a reindeer on it.; a purple Mini Boden shirt that has a horse on it; a blue turtle neck from Children's Place; a red/white shirt from Justice; a brown "Love" shirt from OshKosh; a blue shirt with snowflakes (which she LOVES!) from Limited Too; and Giraffe PJ's from Gymboree. There is also a pair of brown shoes...which can double as dress shoes/gym shoes! Oh - and some purple striped gloves!

With Sarah Katherine, I spent more than I needed to - $130.EEK! However, Beth basically "skipped" size 3T in winter clothes, so I had VERY few "hand-me-downs" from Beth for Sarah. I'm not overly excited about anything, but I do think a few of the outfits are very cute. Not pictured is a TinkerBell costume she picked out for Halloween. I love dressing both girls in "holiday" specific clothing for Halloween and Christmas, so I always load up on those outfits at Kids Closet, where they are cheaper and I don't feel guilty buying items that they will only wear 1 month! Sarah Katherine actually helped me shop for her a little bit. She picked out the majority of these outfits!! Probably too much, but with a VERY picky 3-year old, I guess one can never have too many choices!

So - Halloween Jack-o-Lantern 2-piece outfit by Cottontails; Gymboree pumpkin shirt; Flaphappy 2-pc ballerina outfit - in a size 4T. She'll eventually wear it and I LOVE that brand; khakki and pink dress (matches shoes we bought, too); Gymboree horse 2-pc outfit; a few other 2-outfits, mostly OshKosh, Childresn's Place and off-brands; a green and pink Osk Kosh dress; a purple fleece snowman outfit; several 2-pc Christmas outfits; a candy cane dress w/ matching shirt; several Christmas shirts (pink!); 1 nightgown; Gymboree striped shirt with flower; Old Navy pink cordoroy "light weight" coat; 2 pairs of jeans; 2 pairs shoes; 1 pink snow boots; 1 bag of tights; and pink soccer cleats with pink soccer socks.

Not pictured are several things I picked up for Christmas gifts- a few DVD's, Books and games.

Total amount spent to date: $209.

(Total amount of bows I made to sell: $510, plus all the clothing and stuff I consigned. SO, even if I only sell 1/2 of what I took, I'll still get a check! As a consigner, I make 70% of what sells. What I buy comes out of what I sell...make sense? Usually its an even swap, but last year I got a check for over $100. Selling all those hairbows really pays off!!) Here's a picture of all my bows on the rack:

And here are close-ups of come of those bows...let me know if something catches your eye!