Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sarah Katherine's First day of 3-year old Nursery School

Today was FINALLY Sarah's first day of 3-year old Nursery School!! Bless her heart, she's been asking about it for a month now, especially since her backpack came in the mail! She knew from watching Beth that I take pictures of Beth with her backpack on the first day of school and she's be asking a lot if it was time for HER picture with HER "packpack?"

I tried to talk her into a different outfit this morning, but she would have none of that - she HAD to wear her pink butterfly dress and pink butterfly crocs! Oh well - it matches her backpack!

So, FINALLY, here are Sarah Katherine's FIRST "first day of school front porch" pictures!! Yeah!!!

These two aren't great, but they show her personality right now- total Miss Priss and camera ham!

Standing in front of her cubby in the class. After this picture, she said "you can leave now, mommy." **sigh**


Lanny said...

She's such a cutie! :)