Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah's trip

Sarah just got back from her "3-year-old" trip to Destin with my mom and dad. She did many of the same things Beth got to do on her 3-year-old trip in '06. They went to Build-A-Bear and made "Aurora" the bear, who proudly wears a Sleeping Beauty dress, shoes and a gold crown! She went to the Gulfarium and was about half as impressed with it as Beth was. Mom said "she blew through it" and was almost as impressed with feeding the pigeons as seeing the dolphins! They did fancy dinners, hot dog parties, new restaurants and old favorites (Dewey Destins and Baytowne) soccer shopping, feeding seagulls, and more! But the best thing was the Gulf was calm that there were basically NO WAVES for almost 4 full days. She swam her heart out, so I hear. I'm glad she was able to do that, because both times we've been this year in May and July, the waves were scary!!! Here are some pictures from her big 'ole trip! But, I'm sure glad she's home, even if she did wake up with horrible Kentucky allergies this morning!

Outside a family favorite restaurant- Captain Daves:

Feeding seagulls:

At Build-A-Bear making "Aurora"

At another family favorite- Dewey Destins! LOVE IT!
Having a hot dog party on the deck with cousins David & Sherry. Notice Aurora attended, too!
Notice how calm the Gulf is! Looks like the Carribean!
At the Gulfarium:


Leia said...

What a lucky girl! I love Aurora - Build a Bear is SO much fun! And the outfits are really not too expensive, so it's fun to get something new once in a while :) I'm glad she had fun!

Katie said...

That's so great! I love your Mom and Dad's individual 3 year old trip. Good to see David and his wife too!