Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anticipation and "Turtle bay"

The girls start(ed) ballet yesterday and today. However, they just HAD to try-on their ballet outfits on Sunday! They are SO EXCITED! In fact, Sarah cried and cried yesterday when it was time for her class to be over. I hope Beth has a fun time today, too! I'm excited for them to dance! I LOVED dance as a kid.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon and evening on Kentucky Lake. We did a LITTLE bit of swimming, but had to cut that short in order to make it to Cypress Springs Resort to eat some catfish with Bob's mom and stepdad - or affectionately known to the girls as Gramma and Papaw. It was about a 40 minute boat ride from where we put in, so it was a beautiful trip back to the ramp after dinner- at sunset on the lake- see below post. Anyway, Cypress has a MASSIVE amount of turtles that live under the walk-over from their marina to the restuarant. They LOVE leftover hushpuppies and frenchfries and beg for food! They were like ducks - once one realized there was someone feeding them, 100 more swam as fast as they could to get some food, too! And whoever said turtles are slow didn't see these suckers move for the food! And there were teeny tiny baby turtles in the mix, too, just getting kicked around. We tried so hard to make sure they got some food, but if it wasn't the big turtles stealing their food, it was the big fish from underneath! It was amazing to watch!!


Leia said...

I LOVE turtles! What a fun place!

And I also love pretty ballerinas with banged up knees! ;) Can't wait to hear how they enjoy class!