Monday, August 10, 2009

"Last" day of Summer and"First" day of 1st Grade

A few pictures from our last "summer" weekend at the YMCA pool!

Beth & Bob:

Beth going down the big slide:

Sarah & Bob:

Sarah jumping in the "deep" water!

...and here are some of our "traditional first day front porch" pictures of Beth's first day of 1st Grade! She was a tad nervous, but all went well!! I hope all our mornigs are as smooth as this morning!!


Leia said...

I don't care what anybody says - first graders, with all those missing teeth, are the cutest things on the planet! Does she have some old friends in class? Is she excited to make new friends?

Katie and Bob said...

The girl she is pictured with last has been with her since 3-year old Nursery School. So, they are long time buddies and both are new to that school/class. Neither of them knew anyone except each other before yesterday!