Monday, October 26, 2009

On On U of K...

Bob and I went to our annual UK game. The last two years we have picked late season games and both games have been freezing! Next year I'm opting for early September! :-)
Pregame we were entertained by an Armed Forces Jump Team from high above! There were three jumpers and two of them carried flags. It was neat to watch them guide their chutes in whatever direction or at whatever speed they desired. The last one to land was the guy with the US flag. The other two met him on the ground and grabbed the flag before it touched the ground- very cool!

Then it was On, On U of K, My Old Kentucky Home and the Star Spangled Banner.

This happened to be e the game where UK invited all the troops from Fort Knox. (well, not ALL of them). We suspected they were all in basic training, but after a closer look at their uniforms, Bob wasn't so sure. It was cool to see them all there. The Cats even greeted them on the field after their "big" win!