Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Part 1

Last night we carved the, wait....we GUTTED the pumpkin! We ran out of time to carve the face, so that will be the project at hand tomorrow morning while it rains! Beth is an old pro, but I don't think Sarah remembers doing it from last year. She was thoroughly grossed out and ran to the bathroom to wash her hands each and every time she took a handful of "gunk" out of the pumpkin. Beth basically gutted the whole thing by herself...then we made roasted pumpkin seeds.....yummy!

Notice the "grossed out" face on Sarah Katherine:
What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!

I finally got the two of them somewhat coordinated in Halloween attire, so we took a few photos on the front porch this morning!
photo taken by Sarah:
photo taken by Beth: