Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Part 2

Beth decided to be a UK Cheerleader for trick-or-treating and Sarah was Princess Belle. But I think the one thing they were both the most excited about was the spray glitter in their hair!

Bundled up and ready to hit the trick-or-treat trail with daddy in the golf cart!

The traditional jack-o-lantern pizzas for Halloween night dinner!

The girls sporting wax lips that Grammie and Dandaddy gave them in their halloween treat bags. Sarah was confused and kept trying to eat hers! (and I just noticed that her lips are upside down!)

Bob and I went to a halloween party on Friday night. He was Jeff Fisher (Titan's coach who wore a Colt's Peyton Manning jersey to a charity event to "feel like a winner") and I went as a randon medieval princess.


Zita Ting said...

Halloween is not so common in here Malaysia....but i love this festival, it's funny =P
and heartwarming, too, when seeing every family preparing to have a hand's such a pity that it's not a festival for Malaysian =(