Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Fresh Start

I'm switching to Blogspot! My "other" website is just too hard to update and add pictures. I've been told Blogspot is so much easier to maintain, so here we are! To see pictures and updates of our life prior to today, click here:

So, I'm starting fresh for a new year!

A bit of good news to start the year off - Bob got a new job! He will be working at the same plant, but now, instead of being the Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator, he is the new Facilities Manger! He will maintain about half of his safety duties, but he will also be taking on several new duties regarding the maintenance of the facility (and its a BIG facility!). Its quite a payjump, which we are obviously thrilled about, but its also a nice "step up the ladder!" FINALLY - after 2 years, his talents have finally been recognized - YEAH!!!

Sarah is still all over the place, but not really "into everything." She loves to play with her toys and her sister, especially. Here is a great new picture of Sarah. We were playing in her room, and she loves to get all bundled up in her blankie:

Happy New Year All!