Thursday, March 29, 2007

4 Year Old Stats/Update

We had our first appointment with our new pediatrician today for Beth's 4-year-old check-up and shots (3 of them!). She is 38 lbs and 42.5 inches tall! She is right in the middle of the pack for weight, but in the 95th percentile for heighth! She's always been tall, but goodness, the child HAS GOT to slow down eventually, right? Thankfully its shorts/capris season, otherwise, I'd have to buy her a whole new pants wardrobe in size 5! The good news from the appointment is that we really liked the doctor and I'm so glad to have one I like after 2 years of an AWFUL pediatrics office and different doctors/nurse practioners every time we went. Ugh! Also - no more shots for Beth till before 6th grade, which the nurse proudly told me would be in 2014! WOW - that sounds SO far away!!!

Well, here is the proud 4 year old this morning before heading out the door for the day:
Gosh, they sure grow up fast. Ho hum.....