Friday, March 2, 2007

Ugh - Rotavirus...and WALKING!

Well, after three days of Sarah having "tummy problems" we finally determined it is probably the dreaded Rotavirus, that we were informed she was exposed to at daycare earlier this week. So, Sarah and I have been at home since Wednesday. She is surviving on a diet of Gerber Liquidlytes, applesauce, bananas and Cheerios. She has no interest in anything else, but desperately wants her milk. Both times we've been brave enough to try it, we regretted it, so needless to milk for a WHILE longer!

I've been told there is now a vaccine for Rotavirus, but Sarah is already too old for it and was too old for it already when it came out. Bummer...I would have paid a LOT for it to not have gone through what she has had to endure these last few days.

The bad news - the length of Rotavirus is 3-9 DAYS! We are on day, we shall see. Bless her heart.....

In other news....I don't think Sarah is officially WALKING, as crawling is still her desired mode of transportation, but she has taken 3-4 consective steps several times this week. Its usually moving towards something she wants, like me (or the TV remote!). I will declare her WALKING when she is choosing to WALK instead of crawl around. :-) I'm sure that will be soon enough, as her confidence is developing rapidly!