Friday, March 23, 2007

Beth's Special Day

Each child at Nursery School has a "Special Day." Its USUALLY close to their birthday. Its a "day" (2 hours) that is ALL ABOUT THEM! The whole class gets to go and/or do whatever that child wants to do that day. Yesterday was Beth's special day. She wanted to play in the backyard! So, all 15 3-year-olds and the 2 teachers came to our house and they played in the dirt, planted flowers, swung on the swing and played in the castle! I served "dirt and worms" for snacktime and "bug juice" to go along with the whole backyard theme! They were all SO WORN OUT when they left and the daycare director reported that all who stay for daycare, took good naps yesterday! I'm so glad it was a big hit!

Her teacher telling the story of when Beth was born and what her favorite things are:

The whole class singing "You are Special" while she stood in the middle of the circle:

Everyone enjoying playing in our backyard!

And our oh-so-yummy snack of Dirt and Worms!!



Melissa said...

How neat that they got to come to your house! It looks like everyone had fun!