Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Patio Furniture!!

Yes, I know, I'm slacking in the update department! Its been a busy few weeks...and this week proves to be no different!

Mother's Day was great- I got a new patio set!!

(and no, that is NOT my patio/yard - its the stock photo from the website).

I'm just so excited to have a FUNCTIONAL table and chairs to use! A table and chairs with no ugly yellow paint peeling off of them! Chairs that don't weight 20lbs each!! WOO HOO! We've had it for two nights and eaten dinner outside two nights! Beth thought it was great and Sarah...well....I don't think Sarah cares! YEAH!!!!!
Today is Beth's Nursery School Year-End Family Picnic and Thursday night is her year-end play - "Surf's Up"! All I know is that the girls in her class are all singing Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and the boys are singing Do-Run-Run (or whatever the actual title of the song is!). I'll try to get some good pictures Thursday night! Friday night Bob leaves for Chicago with my dad, brother and family friend to go see the Cubs play and my dear friend from Birmingham (Katie) is coming to visit!!! YEAH!! Her little girl is 2 1/2, so it aught to be a fun-filled weekend!!!
And hey - maybe we can use the new Patio Furniture!!!