Thursday, May 24, 2007

They froze, we fried!

While the boys were in Chicago Sunday at a Cubs game, shivering in the 48 degree rain, the girls in Kentucky were frying in the 85 degree sunshine! I got out the little pool for the first time, much to Beth's excitement! While she giggled and loved the pool....Sarah was very unsure and REALLY didn't like the cold water, which I remember being Beth's first reaction to the pool as well, at this age. I think Sarah lasted MAYBE 5 minutes before she just couldn't take it anymore and I took her in and dressed her in clothes. She happily played in the water table the rest of the day...needing a few more clothing changes, along the way. I love the water table- its the best thing since sliced bread for kids and warm weather! The best $29.99 I've spent...we actually bought it the summer of 2005 and its been wonderful ever since! TOTALLY worth the money - skip the water and sand tables- the sand gets in with the water and makes for big clean-up mess!

A little unsure....

Hum..maybe this COULD be fun...we can splash and kick....but hey, its COLD!

An old pro at the pool!

The most wonderful outside toy EVER!!!


Melissa said...

Look how blonde Sarah is!!!

Yes, we LOVE our water table, too. We have the one that has a side for sand and water, but it always has water in both sides!