Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing Exciting to Report

I wish I had new and exciting things to report, but nope! We spent Memorial Day weekend just doing "stuff." Bob rode 75 miles in a Bike Ride on Saturday, so he was pretty shot till Monday. The girls and I had BBQ dinner with my mom and dad at the Club on Saturday night and witnessed a quite grueling "country" band...WAYYY to country for me. Ronnie and Susan came to visit on Sunday for a few hours, so that was fun for the girls, even though Sarah had some sort of mysterious illness, which left her with a fever and a major case of crankiness! Beth was also riddled with a case of the crankies this weekend, which made for a LOOONG holiday weekend. Lovely. Monday, Bob and I spent HOURS redoing landscaping. We tilled up all our "flower beds" in the front of the house, after getting all the overgrown bushes out throughout this spring. We then went to Lowes and bought 85 edging stones and placed about 1/8 of them before we lost steam and got too hot and dirty. So, its still very much a work in progress. I fully intend to get SOMETHING planted in there soon - bushes, small trees, grass, flowers...whatever. But for now, I'm tired.

An interesting development over the last week has been Sarah's TEMPER! WHOA BABY! That girl can throw one heck of a temper tantrum. She lays on the floor, rear in the air and scoots around, all while screaming bloody murder. Its so nice to witness. Ugh. I remember this with Beth - its that age where they can't communicate what they want and we can't communicate to them what they can't they get mad and throw fits. Lotsa fun. However, I do not remember Beth hitting that "stage" till around 16-17 months old, so for Sarah to be doing it at 13 months surprises me...but I'm not sure why. She's done everything so much earlier! Maybe she'll pottytrain earlier, too? One can only hope!

Only 4 weeks till we leave for Destin. I'm so ready to go. Then a week and a half after we get back from Destin, the girls (minus Sarah) leave for Colorado! YEAH! That trip has been a year in the making, so to say I'm READY, is an understatement. I guess I need to get myself in gear and get that portable DVD player sometime soon.....I WILL NOT make either trip without it! Its terrible how dependant I am on that thing to entertain Beth (and Sarah, soon enough) on long car rides! We all made it through just fine with our coloring books, magnadoodles and things....but just don't bring up the time my crayons melted all over the back of my dad's car on a trip to Destin a LONG TIME AGO..... I think I'd rather go with the DVD player......and lots and lots of DVDs!!