Saturday, June 2, 2007

Filthy Sarah!

So, we're doing some new landscaping in our front yard, which has been a long time coming. We tilled up the entire front "flower beds" (if you could have called them that), after we spent the better part of the spring yanking out overgrown bushes and weeds! ANYWAY, we started laying edging bricks last Monday and finished up partially this morning.

Sarah loves the tilled up soft dirt. I dressed her in an outfit that was stained, so I wouldn't worry about the dirt she would pile on top of herself, which she IMMEDIATELY did once we got outside. Oh well...the dirtier she is, the more fun she is having, I guess!

"So you need any help?"

And once she got all cleaned up and ate lunch, she rocked for a while on the new "rocking dog" that she got for her birthday, but has been terrified of until just recently!


Leia said...

I tagged you on my blog! Head there for directions! ;) (Sorry)!

Leia said...

She has the most beautiful smile! And that blonde hair just cracks me up! It's SO blonde!