Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Adventures....

It was a rather low key weekend. We spent the better part of the day on Saturday outside. Bob and I finished mulching (ick!) and the girls played in the yard. Later, I got out the trusty plastic pool and they played in it for an hour or so! Sarah improves each time she's in it. You can sort of see her new "hairdo" in these pictures...or at least tell its shorter!

After we finished playing outside, we got all cleaned up and went to eat at a Japanese steakhouse with my parents...both girls' first trip to such type restaurant. We figured Sarah would flip out when the chef lit the big fire in front of us, but it was just the opposite! While Beth didn't necessarily "flip out", she did duck behind Bob rather fast! Sarah loved the show and clapped and clapped! Beth's eyes were HUGE the whole time and freaked every time the chef flipped a shrimp tail at her....or a lobster tail! Yep - a lobster tail! She REALLY didn't like that one!

Beth was VERY impressed with the little paper umbrella that came in her drink! She's played with it all day, today, too!

And I tried and tried to get a good sister photo before we left for dinner because the girls looked so darn cute in their matching dresses, but alas, it never works out well!

Today we did absolutely nothing - Bob took Beth fishing and Sarah and I just lollygagged around the house all day. Vacation Bible School started for Beth tonight and continues through Wednesday evening. That's about it, folks!


Katie said...

What do you mean the first sister picture is adorable!? The second one made me crack up. Beth is really animated.