Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ba Ba Black Sheep....

So, today Beth, Sarah, my mom and I visited a farm that is owned by my mom's friend. They raise sheep and cows. I remember going as a child each year to see the new baby lambs and getting to feed them. It was neat!

ANYWAY, we took the girls to go see the two new lambs, on an ADVENTURE! Beth did very well...and Sarah actually did, too, once she warmed up to them.
Beth - giving the lamb its bottle....

Beth continues to offer the little lamb a bottle. My mom is holding Sarah, who is clinging for dear life to her (and just about ready to lose it!).

THIS is one of the lambs, although it really doesn't resemble what you think of when you think of a cute and cuddly little baby lamb, does it? Evidently, its mother and father were "related", so according to our friend who owns the farm...that doesn't make for a very cute lamb. She's thinking of naming this one Mousey...I can see why!
This is Sarah FINALLY warming up to the sheep and after a while, she started leaning out to touch the bigger lambs on their noses and they would nibble her hand and she'd just giggle! Too cute!
I'm sure that now that Beth knows that this farm exists, she'll want to go often, which is fine with me! I'd like her to be exposed to life on a farm. Its good for her!