Monday, June 25, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain! (well, sort of!)

For those familiar with where we live, you know what drought conditions we have been in! I think we've had less than 1 inch of rain since May 17 or somthing crazy like that. We've had rain showers on and off since Friday night and its been great! However, most of it has been at NIGHT, so it didn't really interfere with "the kids playing outside" time! Well, yesterday it did. And yesterday couldn't have been a worse time to have them cooped up inside. Beth has been gone for the most part, since Wednesday, visiting her grandparents (both sets!), so Sarah has been the lone child and has had run of the house. Well - throw a very grumpy and over-tired 4 year old in with the newly found independence of a 1 year old and its NOT a great combo. They fought all afternoon. And Sarah can't vocalize her frustration with Beth yet, and all she does is "grab" and clinch her fist (pinching) at whatever is closest to her and several times yesterday that was BETH! It was not a fun day. BUT, for a brief 30 minutes or so, the rain stopped and the girls went out to play in the puddles. For a brief 30 minutes, they were happy and playing so nicely together and laughing and having so much fun! For a brief 30 minutes, I was happy and there was peace......

Beth catching tiny raindrops in her mouth!
Sarah had a great time - just stomping through all the puddles and giggling and smiling!
But, eventually she got tired of just wet feet and down went the hands!
And then both of them just got tired of standing and squatting all together and just took a seat in the biggest puddle they could find...oh well....they're only kids once, right?
And of course, once they sat down in the water, their shorts were quite wet and droopy! (which was the cutest of all!)
Sarah....just about ready to actually LOSE her shorts!
Thankfully, no shorts were lost in the making of these photos and everyone played nicely...while outside! There is just something about being outside to a kid...they love it and mom loves it. Yeah, I know, we needed the rain....but......eerrrr........