Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ahhhh.....sea level!


We are home from Colorado - Denver, then Breckenridge. I'm very glad I went. I had never been to Colorado, so I'm glad I got to see it and the mountains, but I have determined that I just am not an outdoorsy girl. I think the mountains were beautiful, as was the town of Breckenridge, but I couldn't live there and probably won't visit anytime again in the near or distant future (well, maybe for a day or so). The altitude is HIGH - like 11,000 feet above sea level or something. I don't think I had full-blown altitude sickness, but I had a headache pretty much the whole time, as well as major fatigue and breathlessness. It just wasn't a "great" feeling.

We started out last Wednesday with a TWELVE HOUR delay on our flight -we were supposed to leave Nashville at noon - we left at 11:45 p.m. and landed in Denver around 1:30 a.m. and arrived at our hotel in Golden around 2:45 a..m .and landed in BED around 3:00 a.m. Beth was such a trooper! She slept most of the plane ride and car ride to the hotel, but it was still a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG day for her. (and me, too!) We went to the Denver zoo the next day and Friday we started UP to Breckenridge- taking out time and stopping often.

In Breckenridge, we met up with 11 (I think) other "Girl" cousins for the weekend and spent most of the weekend gabbing and eating! It was fun and I learned A LOT about the family and about my family members. It was well worth it.

Here are some pictures:
At the Denver Zoo

In a small little town, heading UP - this is Beth and me with my cousin, Barbara, from California. Beth took an INSTANT liking to her!

Beth in the Hot Tub at cousin Sara's house in Breckenridge:

And here are the GIRLS!
These are all the FIRST girl COUSINS:
Left to Right - my mom, Jane, Barbara, Nancy, Susan and Sara (its her house!)

Now for the second generation (my generation) - I guess we're 2nd cousins...maybe?
Left to right - the second generation -Shelli, Ashley, Katie V. and me.

Now, add in the THIRD generation of cousins:
Added into the picture are: (L to R) - Brooke and Michelle (Shelli's daughter-in-law and daughter), Nora & River (Katie V's kids) and Beth.

Maybe next time we'll include all the boys, too!! (and Sarah!)


Dawn said...

I love the big metal giraffes at the Denver Zoo--the real ones are pretty cool too. ;) I haven't been there in about three years now, but I remember that first day off the plane--I thought I'd collapse from the thin air too!