Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lookie! Lookie!

Yesterday, I went to a Tag Sale and found this....and bought it for $50!!

Its a solid oak roll top desk! (but our computer monitor is too tall, so if we ever chose to close it, we'll have to lay down the monitor....hum....oh well!) I liked it and it is SOLID WOOD so $50 was a steal! It was originally $200, but I waited it out till the sale went 75% off and BOOM - swooped in and got it! Of course, it didn't hurt that I knew the lady running the sale, so I told her that if it hadn't sold by noon (when they went 75% off), to put a sold sticker on it and I'd be back! I also managed to grab a octagon shaped beveled mirrow in a pretty cherry frame for $10, a silver plated serving tray for $6.25 and a small pyrex dish that fits into a pretty silver "holder" or whatever- not sure what to call it - but I only paid $2.50! I was so excited! OH - we had to take all the drawers out to move the desk, and when we stuck our heads around the corner to check on Sarah...well....her own personal playground!
Gotta love her!


Emily said...

That desk is great!!! I've been trying all weekend to find a twin bed for Audrey on Craigslist!!!


Melissa said...

I love all that hair!