Friday, August 3, 2007

They grow...and grow...and grow...

We've had several "family" events lately and it seems that everywhere we go, people look at Sarah and comment on how much she has grown up! And then they look at Beth and say the same thing...yep, I know...they are growing up.

With Beth, I was totally unprepared for this phenomenon. I didn't realize how QUICKLY she would go from tiny infant, to crawling baby, to walking toddler, to full-blown BIG GIRL! It overwhelmed me and I didn't really cherish each and every moment she was little and each and every phase because I just had no idea how fast time would go. Then Sarah came along....and thing about second children is that you learn from your mistakes with #1, so with the second, you are somewhat prepared for everything! I knew time would fly and she would be big before I could blink. I cherished every cuddle she would allow me to have (Sarah is NOT a cuddler!) and I LOVED it when she just SAT (and didn't move). And now...she's everywhere...all the time...into everything! She is 15 1/2 months old now...and I still wonder...where did the time go?

Beth (and me) - Before and Now (I'm using Beach pictures to compare)

2004 (I'm not entirely thrilled with this picture, but oh well -its for comparison purposes only!)




And Since Sarah has only been to Destin twice, I only have two pictures to use in comparison of her growth over the last 9 months:
October 2006:

And here you can actually she HER better:

And just 4 weeks ago - Destin 2007:

And again - to actually SEE Sarah:

I'm going to blink and they're both going to be in highschool! (Oh my gosh - eeeek - two teenage girls in highschool at the same time - what in the world was I thinking!!!?))


Katie said...

I have decided: we CAN'T Blink!

Leia said...

I LOVE the progression of photos! And how neat that they are all at the beach!

Melissa said...

Love all the beach pictures. I can't believe how big our babies are getting!