Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun in the Sun

It was FINALLY "cool" enough to let the girls play outside today...which they gladly Grammy and Dandaddy's house! I haven't seen such happy girls in 3 weeks! They played in the sprinkler, with the hose, made tents out of giant umbrellas....lotsa fun!

I think we are finally going to be getting "normal" temperatures again soon, so thankfully, the girls will be able to go OUT and play again every single day! THANK YOU LORD! Having them cooped up all day is no fun, for them or us!

Its been so hot in the house, that we finally broke down and bought a ceiling fan for Beth's room and one for Sarah's room. Now....Bob just has to install them. He's busy now putting a new lighting fixture in the kitchen, so its bye-bye to that ancient old nasy fixture that has been here for 20 years! It was SOOO ugly!!