Monday, August 13, 2007


Seriously, its hot. I mean, can't breathe - can't step outside without immediately breaking out in a sweat - can't turn on the oven - HOT! The 5-day weather forecast looks like this - high of 100, low of 80 for 5 days straight! No rain, no clouds- full on sun and HOT! Oh - and did I mention that this is week #2 for these ridulous temperatures? I know half of the country is suffering along with us, so I'm not alone. Beth and Sarah are sick and tired of staying inside because in all honesty, its too DANGEROUS to be outside very long with the heat indexes at 105-108, unless its at 8 a.m.! All of the middle and highschools CANCELLED all sports practices last week and this week (inside and outside practices) because its too hot. Going to the lake is no help - the water is so stagnant and warm that it isn't refreshing (not to mention, several local lake "beaches" have been closed due to high levels of e-coli in the water because of NO RAIN this summer! GROSS!).

I TRIED to entertain the girls yesterday - we fingerpainted (which lasted all of 10 minutes), made tents out of blankets and such in the den, played ball and watched movies. I'm so sick of watching movies! I mean, honestly, how many times can you watch Peter Pan or Monsters, Inc., in one week?!?

I can't cook because if I turn on the oven, it puts out so much heat that our thermostat goes up to 80 and it doesn't cook off till 11 p.m.! Anyone have any "cold dinner" suggestions??? We're sick of take-out and pizza!!

I'll try to get some pictures of the girls this week - I still haven't cleared off my camera from the Colorado trip, so I'll do that this week and take a few pic's of the girls.....inside.....sweating....miserable! Its HOT!


Emily said...

I'm right there melting with you! It's MISERABLE! I took the girls to Walmart last night and it was still 102 at like 6:30!! CRAZY!