Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cleaning out Closets!

Kids Closet is just about a month away, which means I'm starting to clean out the kids closets and price/tag all the items. I had a huge tote full of all Sarah's fall/winter things she outgrew last year to go through. I think I found several outfits she MIGHT be able to wear this fall/winter, too! But overall, 90% of her clothing is going to the consignment sale. The other 10% was either in really bad shape or too sentimental (or expensive) to consign. I'm saving just a very few select things. I'm saving all the UK outfits...maybe Bryan will have a little girl some day? I'm saving all the nice Strasburg dresses...for the same reason. And I'm saving a few select pieces of a pair of hot pink Carter's PJ's that, for some reason, just tug on my heartstrings and I can't fathom giving up. I'm REALLY trying hard not to be sentimental on too much of Sarah's clothing...its just clothes....afterall. And I'm running out of space to store them all!

There are not many "big" items to go to consingment this fall. Mom requested things like the bouncy seat and swing be kept for her...for when Bryan has kids someday...she'll be well equipped at her house! I'm keeping the crib and highchair...but Sarah is FAR from being done with those two items anyway. I'll be keeping some toys, too, for MY grandkids someday! (same reason I'm keeping the crib and highchair!) It was just SOO nice to have those two things at mom and dad's house when we visited, so I'll hang on to them in hopes that MY grandchildren will use them someday. A weird thought right now, though!

Last fall, I spent WAY too much money at Kids Closet, but that was partly because Sarah was still in size 3-6m (instead of the 6-12m season appropriate stuff I had leftover from Beth at that age)! The good news is that I'm reselling pretty much ALL of what I purchased for Sarah last year. I'm mainly looking for Beth this year, but I'll keep my eyes open for cute holiday stuff- Halloween, Christmas and Valentines...and anything else I can't resist! Here is how hog wild I went last fall:

Beth never wore that kakki jumper (but it will probably fit her this fall, still, so we'll try again!), but everything else was worn...a lot...especially the Halloween and Christmas stuff!

If you know me and live my neck of the woods and want more info on the sale or on how to consign- leave a comment and I'll email you! We're always looking for more consigners and more shoppers!

The Kids Closet madness has only STARTED to begin.....more to come in September regarding the wonderful event! :-)