Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beth's First Day of 4-Year-Old Nursery School

Beth started 4-year-old Nursery School today and boy, oh boy, was she ever excited! She hopped right out of bed, cooperated getting dressed and ready (although she only ate 1/2 of a mini-muffin and 3 strawberries for breakfast). She cooperated fully with my need to take tons of pictures of her, too!

Showing off her Princess Backpack that she picked out (and I haven't let her use it until today, so she was SOOOO excited to be able to wear it!!)

And for kicks- her first day of 3-year-old Nursery School (last year) vs. this year:

I can't believe that next year when I'm taking pictures on her first day of school, that she'll be headed off to Kindergarten!! AUGH!!!


Leia said...

Oh she's grown up so much in a year! How sweet! That backpack is a popular one - my neice has it too! :)

Katie said...

You can see the excitement jitters in these pictures. Here's hoping she had a great first week. I love seeing your yearly comparisons because the changes are incredible.