Friday, September 14, 2007

Busy & Indy

Sorry for the lack of postings this week. I've been busy. Fall is my busy time! Plus, honestly, I haven't taken any pictures of the girls this week and there really isn't anything very exciting to report.

Beth was INSISTENT that I drop her off at gymnastics yesterday and leave her and come back an hour later to get her. Wow. She's totally growing up. WTH??

Sarah has some kind of nasty funk. Horrible cough, snotty nose and mystery rash. She can't get in to see the doctor today unless there is a cancellation, so I guess I'm doomed for a whole weekend of the funkiness. Its supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend, too....we were hoping to take her for her first boat ride tomorrow....we'll see.....

Tonight we might be heading down to Freedom Friday - part of the millitary (local army base) appreciation week. Its a Chili-cookoff and other fun things for the kids. MAYBE I'll take pictures there!

In 2 1/2 weeks, Bob and I are going to our old stomping ground - Indianapolis - for a week. He has a seminar and I'm just going to hang out, shop, visit friends, etc, and then each night we plan to eat at one of our favorite restaurants - like The Oaken Barrel (YUM!), Vito Provolones (YUMMO!) and who knows what else. We plan to swing by our old house and see the neighborhood. That was, afterall, the house we brought Beth home to, when she was born! It has lots of great memories!

Above is the house (if you didn't already figure it out) and just becaue I like to go back and look at old pictures (all the time), here is one of Beth the day we "brought her home" to our Indianapolis (okay, technically, Greenwood), house:

WOW - she WAS so LITTLE!! I guess she's grown a little in the last 4 1/2 years. Indianapolis holds many great memories for both Bob and me. We spent over 5 years there. We had our first apartment there. We had our first (real) jobs there. We had our first child there. But, it was never "home" to us. We always referred to Kentucky as "home." Indy was just where we lived. We always knew we wanted to move back "home" and once Beth was born, the importance of our extended family became even more important. We started the process the summer Beth was about 15 months old and within 6 months, Bob had a job in my hometown and we up and moved! We lived with mom and dad for....4 1/2 months. By the time we had bought and renovated our new house, we were SO glad to move in....

We were finally HOME.


Leia said...

Awwww, I love old memories!